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Urology Treatment Care in Kolkata

Kolkata, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant healthcare sector, offers a plethora of options for individuals seeking urology treatment and care. Urology, a branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the urinary tract and male reproductive system, plays a crucial role in maintaining overall health and well-being. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of urology treatment care in Kolkata, exploring the best hospitals, top urologists, common procedures, symptoms, and more.

Best Urology Hospital in Kolkata

Kolkata boasts several world-class hospitals renowned for their expertise in urology treatment. These hospitals offer state-of-the-art facilities, advanced diagnostic equipment, and a team of highly skilled urologists. Some of the best urology hospitals in Kolkata include:

1. Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals:

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals is a prominent healthcare institution in Kolkata known for its comprehensive urology services. The hospital boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced diagnostic facilities, and a team of highly skilled urologists. With a focus on patient-centric care and cutting-edge treatment modalities, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals is a preferred choice for individuals seeking urological treatment in Kolkata.

2. AMRI Hospitals:

AMRI Hospitals is another leading healthcare provider in Kolkata offering top-notch urology services. Equipped with modern technology and a team of experienced urologists, AMRI Hospitals provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options for urological conditions. The hospital is committed to delivering personalized care and ensuring positive outcomes for patients.

3. Medica Superspecialty Hospital:

Medica Superspecialty Hospital is renowned for its excellence in urology care, backed by a team of skilled urologists and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The hospital offers comprehensive services for various urological conditions, including kidney stones, prostate disorders, urinary tract infections, and more. With a patient-centric approach and a focus on innovation, Medica Superspecialty Hospital is a trusted destination for urology treatment in Kolkata.

4. Fortis Hospitals:

Fortis Hospitals is a leading healthcare provider known for its multidisciplinary approach to urology care. The hospital features advanced treatment facilities, including minimally invasive surgeries, robotic-assisted procedures, and comprehensive diagnostic services. With a team of renowned urologists and a commitment to excellence, Fortis Hospitals delivers high-quality urology care to patients in Kolkata.

5. Ruby General Hospital:

Ruby General Hospital is a reputed healthcare institution offering specialized urology services in Kolkata. The hospital is equipped with modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and a team of experienced urologists dedicated to providing compassionate care to patients. Ruby General Hospital is known for its expertise in diagnosing and treating various urological conditions, making it a preferred choice for urology treatment in the region.These hospitals provide comprehensive urological care, ranging from diagnosis and medical management to advanced surgical interventions.

Top 5 Urologists in Kolkata

Choosing the right urologist is essential for receiving quality care and treatment. Here are five highly esteemed urologists practicing in Kolkata:

Dr. Amit Ghose – Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal – AMRI Hospitals

Dr. Kaushik Saha – Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Dr. Arindam Dutta – Fortis Hospitals

Dr. Dipankar Mandal – Ruby General Hospital

These urologists are known for their expertise, experience, and compassionate patient care.

Who is the No. 1 Urologist in Kolkata?

When it comes to finding the best urologist in Kolkata, there are many factors to consider. Experience, qualifications and patient reviews play an important role in determining who stands out from the rest. Although claiming a definitive “No. 1” urologist in Kolkata may be subjective, there are certainly some highly recommended doctors who have won praise for their expertise and dedication.

Dr. Neelanjan Mitra is a renowned urologist with over 20 years of experience treating various urinary tract disorders and conditions. Patients often praise his compassionate approach and ability to explain complex medical terms in simple language. Dr. Neelanjan Mitra is a respected name in the field of urology. With extensive training and expertise in minimally invasive procedures, he has earned a reputation for delivering successful results while minimizing discomfort for patients.

Address: 104D, Elgin Road, Sripally, Bhawanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

Top 10 Urologists in Kolkata

While the top urologists in Kolkata may vary based on different criteria, here are ten renowned urologists who have made significant contributions to the field:

1. Dr. Nilanjan Mitra : With years of experience Dr. Nilanjan Mitra is considered one of the leading urologists in Kolkata. He specializes in laparoscopic surgeries and has successfully treated numerous patients.

2. Dr. Rajeev Kumar: Known for his compassionate approach towards patients, Dr. Rajeev Kumar is highly regarded as a skilled urologist in Kolkata.

3. Dr. Sudhir Khaitan: With extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr. Sudhir Khaitan is known for providing personalized care to his patients.

4.Dr.Manish Bansal : Specialized & experienced doctor with degrees like MBBS , MS (Gen Surgery),MCh Urology from Medical College Calcutta

5.Dr. Santanu Sen Gupta : Expertise on Laser Prostatectomy (HOLEP) , Lap Nephrectomy,Lap Pyeloplasty etc

6. Dr.Rudra Prasad Acharya : Specialist on Stone Treatment both by endoscopy,laser,& open surgery too .

7.DR.GOUTAM BANDOPADHYAY – HOD ,Department Of Urosurgery,Sri Aurobindo Seva Kendra,Kolkata

8.Prof (Dr.)Sanat K Mandal– Renowned Personality on Endourology & Reconstructive Urosurgery .Ex Professor R G.Kar Medical College kolkata .

9.Prof.(DR).Sukumar Mukherjee Senior Consultant at Fortis Hospital, Kolkata. About 30 Years Experience On Androuology & Reconstructive Urosurgeries).

10.PROF.(DR.) PARTHA PRATIM BASU– Ex Professor Department of Urosurgery Calcutta

These urologists are highly regarded for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to patient care.

Best Urologist in Kolkata

Choosing the best urologist in Kolkata depends on various factors, including the specific condition being treated, personal preferences, and recommendations from healthcare professionals. Patients are encouraged to research urologists’ credentials, experience, and patient reviews before making a decision. One such esteemed doctor is Dr. Nilanjan Mitra, a renowned Urologist practicing at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. With years of experience under his belt, he has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from kidney stones, prostate issues, bladder problems, and more.

Which is the No. 1 Urology Hospital in India?

One of the leading contenders for the title of No 1 urology hospital in India is Apollo Hospitals. With a strong presence across the country and a dedicated team of highly skilled urologists, Apollo Hospitals has earned its reputation for excellence in this field. The hospital boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and cutting-edge technology that enable accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of various urological conditions.

Which Problem is Treated by Urologists?

One common problem treated by urologists is urinary incontinence, which refers to the involuntary leakage of urine. This condition can be caused by weakened pelvic muscles, nerve damage, or an overactive bladder. Urologists evaluate the underlying cause and offer various treatment options such as medication, behavioral therapies, or surgical interventions. Another condition that falls within the realm of urology is erectile dysfunction (ED). Urologists play a crucial role in diagnosing ED and providing appropriate treatments including medications like Viagra or Cialis, vacuum erection devices, penile injections, or even surgery if necessary. Urologists also specialize in treating prostate-related problems such as enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia), prostate cancer, prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), and other conditions affecting this vital organ. In addition to these specific issues addressed by urologists, they also manage kidney stones through procedures like lithotripsy (shock wave therapy) or surgical removal when needed. Moreover, they diagnose and treat urinary tract infections (UTIs), bladder disorders including overactive bladder syndrome or interstitial cystitis.

What is the Most Common Urology Surgery?

The most common urology surgeries include:

Lithotripsy: A procedure to break down kidney stones using shock waves.

Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP): Surgery to treat enlarged prostate gland by removing excess tissue.

Cystoscopy: A diagnostic procedure to examine the bladder and urethra using a thin, flexible tube with a camera.

Prostatectomy: Surgical removal of part or all of the prostate gland, often performed to treat prostate cancer or BPH.

Nephrectomy: Surgery to remove part or all of a kidney, typically performed to treat kidney cancer or severe kidney disease.

These surgeries are performed by urologists to treat various urological conditions.

What are the Symptoms of Urology Problems?

Symptoms of urological problems may vary depending on the specific condition but can include:

Pain or burning during urination

Frequent urination

Blood in the urine

Difficulty starting or maintaining urination

Lower abdominal or pelvic pain

Erectile dysfunction

Changes in urinary habits or patterns

If experiencing any of these symptoms, it is essential to consult a urologist for evaluation and appropriate management.

Which Hospital is Best for Urine Problem?

Several hospitals in Kolkata specialize in treating urinary problems, including:

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals

AMRI Hospitals

Medica Superspecialty Hospital

Fortis Hospitals

Ruby General Hospital These hospitals offer comprehensive urological care and are equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Which Doctor is Best for Urine?

One such esteemed doctor is Dr. Nilanjan Mitra, a renowned Urologist practicing at Apollo Gleneagles Hospital. With years of experience under his belt, he has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from kidney stones, prostate issues, bladder problems, and more. Dr. Nilanjan Mitra. With an impeccable track record and years of experience under his belt, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra has earned a reputation as the most famous urologist in the region. Dr. Nilanjan Mitra expertise lies in diagnosing and treating various urinary tract disorders, kidney diseases, prostate problems, and other conditions related to the male reproductive system. Patients from all over West Bengal seek his guidance and treatment for their urological concerns. What sets Dr. Nilanjan Mitra apart is not just his knowledge and skill but also his compassionate approach towards patient care. He takes the time to listen to each patient’s concerns and provides personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.


1. How Can I Prevent Kidney Stones?

Drinking plenty of water, maintaining a balanced diet, and avoiding excessive salt and protein intake can help prevent kidney stones.

2. What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by various factors, including underlying health conditions, psychological factors, medications, and lifestyle habits.

3. Is Urinary Incontinence Treatable?

Yes, urinary incontinence can often be treated through lifestyle changes, pelvic floor exercises, medications, or surgical interventions, depending on the underlying cause.


Urology treatment care in Kolkata offers a wealth of resources for individuals seeking to address urinary and male reproductive system disorders. With top-notch hospitals, renowned urologists, and advanced treatment modalities, patients can receive high-quality care and achieve optimal urological health outcomes. By prioritizing early detection, seeking timely medical intervention, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, individuals can effectively manage urological conditions and lead fulfilling lives

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