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Best Urologist Doctor in Kolkata | Dr. Nilanjan Mitra’s Expertise 2023


When it comes to safeguarding your urological health, entrusting your care to a seasoned expert is paramount. In the bustling city of Kolkata, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra has firmly established himself as a beacon of expertise and compassion in the realm of urology. With an illustrious academic background, an extensive array of accomplishments, and an unwavering commitment to patient well-being, Dr. Mitra emerges as the best urologist doctor in Kolkata.

The Academic Odyssey

Dr. Nilanjan Mitra’s journey toward becoming a distinguished urologist began with a solid educational foundation. After graduating with honors, he earned his MBBS degree, setting the stage for his pursuit of excellence. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him to further specialize in urology, earning an M.Ch degree. This remarkable achievement propelled him into the realm of cutting-edge urological care.

A Maestro in Urology

Dr. Nilanjan Mitra’s defining moment arrived with his M.Ch course in Urology at Calcutta National Medical College. His mastery was showcased through a plethora of successful procedures, including over 35 Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL) surgeries, 50 Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) procedures, 30 Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT) surgeries, and 15 radical cystectomies. This remarkable track record highlights his precision and dedication to optimal patient outcomes.

Understanding Urological Concerns: Common Issues and Expert Solutions

When it comes to your urological health, knowledge is power. Being aware of potential issues can empower you to take action early, leading to better outcomes. Here are some common urological concerns and insights on how to address them with the expertise of a urologist.

Testicular Lumps: Not to Ignore

Discovering a lump or abnormal growth in your testicles can be unsettling. While most of these lumps are harmless, they should not be ignored. If you notice any unusual masses during self-exams, it’s crucial to inform your doctor promptly.

The possible causes of testicle lumps include a buildup of fluid in your testes, epididymal cysts, enlarged prostate veins, testicular torsion, hernias, and even testicular cancer. Early detection and medical guidance are key to addressing these concerns effectively.

Enlarged Prostate: Seeking Balance

Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPH) is a common condition among older men. While BPH is distinct from prostate cancer, it’s essential to rule out any co-existing conditions. If you experience symptoms related to an enlarged prostate, such as difficulty urinating or frequent trips to the bathroom, consulting a specialist is advisable.

Factors contributing to BPH include age-related changes in sex hormones, family history, and testicular abnormalities. Consulting experts like Dr. Mukesh Kumar Vijay can provide tailored urology treatments for better prostate health.

Male Infertility: Unveiling the Causes

Struggling to conceive with your partner can be emotionally challenging. Male infertility can have various underlying causes, including issues with sperm count, ejaculation, testicles, hormones, and even body weight.

Determining the root cause of fertility problems is crucial for effective treatment. Seeking professional guidance can help address specific concerns and improve reproductive health.

Painful Urination: Addressing Discomfort

Experiencing discomfort during urination, known as dysuria, should not be ignored. This could be indicative of various conditions, such as urinary tract infections, prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, sexually transmitted infections, or kidney stones.

Seeking medical attention is crucial to diagnose the underlying cause accurately and receive appropriate treatment. A specialist can guide you toward relief and improved urinary health.

Urinary Incontinence: Reclaiming Control

Urinary incontinence, or the involuntary loss of bladder control, can impact your daily life. Whether it’s triggered by sneezing, coughing, or other activities, managing urinary incontinence is possible with the right expertise.

Factors like urinary tract infections, pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, and lifestyle choices (caffeinated products, alcoholic beverages) can contribute to this issue. A specialist can help you navigate effective solutions to regain control over your bladder.

Urinary Retention: Addressing a Full Bladder

Urinary retention occurs when you’re unable to empty your bladder completely. This condition may result from urinary tract blockages, enlarged prostate (BPH), severe constipation, swelling of the urethra, or pelvic floor issues.

Understanding the underlying cause is essential to determine the appropriate treatment approach. Seeking guidance from a urologist can help alleviate this discomfort.

Chronic Kidney Failure: Safeguarding Kidney Health

Chronic kidney failure, a long-term condition that leads to kidney function deterioration, requires attention and care. If left untreated, it can progress to kidney failure. Conditions like diabetes and hypertension are leading causes of chronic kidney failure, along with factors like recurring kidney infections, congenital kidney disease, autoimmune diseases, and smoking.

Urology specialists offer expert treatments to address a wide range of urological conditions, including those affecting the kidneys. Early intervention and proper management can help preserve kidney function and overall health.

Contact the Best Urologist Doctor in Kolkata – Dr. Nilanjan Mitra

Are you in search of exceptional urological care in the heart of Kolkata? Look no further than the esteemed Dr. Nilanjan Mitra, a renowned urologist and andrologist, whose expertise and compassionate approach make him the go-to choice for urological health. Here’s all the information you need to connect with him:

Emergency Contact Numbers:

  • Primary: +91 9874195200
  • Secondary: +91 7007308073

Visit Address: 10/4D, Elgin Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020

FAQs about Dr. Nilanjan Mitra: Best Urologist Doctor in Kolkata

1. Who is Dr. Nilanjan Mitra and what are his qualifications?

Dr. Nilanjan Mitra is a renowned urologist and andrologist based in Kolkata. He holds an MBBS with honors, an MS in General Surgery, and an M.Ch in Urology. His expertise also includes FMAS certification, reflecting his mastery of minimally invasive surgical techniques.

2. Where does Dr. Nilanjan Mitra practice?

Dr. Nilanjan Mitra is associated with esteemed healthcare institutions, including AMRI Hospitals, Dhakuria Desun Hospital, and ILS Hospital, Howrah. He also maintains a freelancing practice in Urology and Andrology.

3. What are the services offered by Dr. Nilanjan Mitra?

Dr. Mitra offers a comprehensive range of urological services, including uro-oncological surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, and treatment for conditions such as testicular lumps, urinary incontinence, and male infertility.

4. How can I contact Dr. Nilanjan Mitra for appointments or inquiries?

You can reach out to Dr. Nilanjan Mitra through the following contact details:

  • Phone: +91 9874195200, +91 7007308073
  • Address: 10/4D, Elgin Rd, Sreepally, Bhowanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal 700020
  • Email:,
  • Working Hours: Mon to Sat, 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

5. Can Dr. Mitra address testicular lumps and other urological concerns?

Yes, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra specializes in various urological conditions, including testicular lumps, male infertility, urinary incontinence, and more. His extensive experience and expertise make him a trusted choice for these concerns.

6. Does Dr. Nilanjan Mitra offer treatments for prostate issues?

Absolutely, Dr. Mitra provides effective treatments for prostate-related concerns, including benign prostate enlargement (BPH). With his background in urology, he offers personalized solutions for optimal prostate health.

7. Is Dr. Nilanjan Mitra affiliated with any professional organizations?

Yes, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra is an esteemed member of several surgical societies, including the Association of Surgeons of India (ASI), the Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India (AMASI), and more. His commitment to professional growth underscores his dedication to staying updated with advancements.

8. Can I seek Dr. Mitra’s expertise for chronic kidney issues?

Absolutely, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra provides urology treatments for various conditions, including chronic kidney issues. He brings his expertise to address a wide range of urological concerns, ensuring comprehensive patient care.

9. How can Dr. Nilanjan Mitra help with male infertility concerns?

Dr. Mitra’s expertise extends to male infertility cases. By addressing factors such as sperm count, hormones, and more, he can identify and treat underlying causes, aiming to enhance reproductive health.

10. Why choose Dr. Nilanjan Mitra for urological care in Kolkata?

Dr. Nilanjan Mitra’s exceptional qualifications, extensive experience, and commitment to patient well-being make him a trusted choice for urological care. His affiliations with leading hospitals and dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements ensure comprehensive and effective treatments for his patients.


In the heart of Kolkata, Dr. Nilanjan Mitra emerges as a trailblazer in the field of urology. His journey from academic excellence to remarkable accomplishments speaks volumes about his commitment to patient care and medical innovation. With an unwavering dedication to patient well-being, combined with an impressive array of achievements, Dr. Mitra stands tall as the best urologist doctor in  Kolkata. Trust him with your urological health, and take the step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

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